New Miracleman Images

Marvel has released a few images, presumably to be included as additional content to the Miracleman issues coming in 2014. These 3 were drawn by Joe Quesada, Alan Davis & Mark Buckingham.

More “Triumphant!” Pages Emerge

The very talented Jason Minor has posted a handful of pages he had inked or was in the process of inking for “Miracleman: Triumphant!” on his tumblr. If you’re on tumblr, be sure to follow Jason. Here’s what has been posted so far…

Huge thanks to Jason for sharing these with all of us!

“Poisoned Chalice”

The always amazing Pádraig Ó Méalóid has been posting his Marvelman book, “Poisoned Chalice”, in serialized and truncated form on ComicsBeat. There are 4 parts up so far, and I highly recommend you check them out!

Marvel Owns Miracleman

Today I’ve been directed to two sources (Oh Danny Boy & Bleeding Cool) that are reporting that Todd McFarlane has dropped his claims and Marvel now owns the Miracleman name. Does this mean we’re closer to reprints? I’d like to think so, but who knows for sure.

I wonder what Marvel will do with the two names? Perhaps introduce Marvelman into their main universe and use Miracleman in a secondary universe so Neil Gaiman & Mark Buckingham can finish what they began at Eclipse? Something to think about…

The State Of Marvel’s Marvelman.

Long time Miracleman supporter Pádraig Ó Méalóid has written a blog/article about the current state of affairs over at Marvel in regards to the rebirth of Marvelman. He’s really done all the research for us on this one, and put every bit of information available since the 2009 announcement in one place. You can check it out by clicking HERE, and I do highly suggest you do.

He was also kind enough to send over some sales figures for “Marvelman Family’s Finest”, obtained from Comicsbeat.

#1/6     July 2010                     17,739
#2/6     August 2010                 9,324 (-47.4%)
#3/6     September 2010            6,151 (-34.0%)
#4/6     October 2010                4,707 (-23.5%)
#5/6     November 2010             3,993 (-15.2%)
#6/6     December 2010             ????      (-??%)

The last one was off the end of the list so, as the last item listed that month sold 3,811, it’s obviously less than that. Pretty grim looking, but not very surprising for 50′s reprints in black & white in today’s market. I’m positive that Alan Moore/Neil Gaiman reprints & storyline continuations would fare much better. Here’s hoping!

Site Overhaul

The site has been completely revamped and transferred to a WordPress format (which makes things much easier for me, in terms of updates). There are still some sections that need to be filled out, but the bulk of the original site, and some more, is here.

Since the last update, Marvel released a series of comics and hardcovers for Marvelman & Marvelman Family. Not sure how the sales figures were, but from what I can tell they’ve stopped publishing any further 50′s reprints. My guess was that this was done to establish Marvel as the owner of the Character and to head off legal action IF they move onto the “Miracleman” related material. I know jack about legal, so that’s pure conjecture.

Other than that, things have been quiet. Certainly hoping for some real MM news soon.

If anyone has anything they wish to contribute, please do get in touch!

Dez Skinn Checks In

Dez Skinn was kind enough to contact us and share a few Miracleman related images.

1st up, we have an original concept mark-up of Miracleman # 1. This was used when shopping the property to various publishers.

2nd & 3rd, we have two Big Ben images Dez is currently using to shop the property. Very “Bruce Timm”.

And lastly, if you still needs to catch up on WARRIOR back issues, you can do so by purchasing them from Dez’s own Quality Comics. CLICK THIS LINK to visit their webstore.