In an effort to give credit where credit is due, here are some of the writers & artists whose work helped make Marvleman/Miracleman the treasured story we all love. Where possible, links to their official websites have been provided.

Alan Moore: Writer of the Marvelman WARRIOR Magazine stories, Miracleman issues 1-16, as well as parts of the Marvelman Special & Miracleman 3D/2D.
Link: The Alan Moore Fan Site

Garry Leach: Artist on early WARRIOR Marvelman stories, and the first 2 Miracleman Issues. Created the Warpsmiths characters.
Link: Garry Leach on Wikipedia

Alan Davis: Artist on Marvelman WARRIOR stoies as well as Miracleman. Also drew the Captain Britain Marvel UK stories that feature fragments of Miracleman & Co.
Link: The Official Alan Davis Website

John Ridgeway: Artist on Marvelman WARRIOR stories as well as Miracleman.
Link: John Ridgeway at The Comic Book Database

Chuck Beckum (Chuck Austen): Artist on the Miracleman series.
Link: Chuck Austen’s World Of Wonder

Rick Veitch: Artist on the Miracleman series.
Link: Official Rick Veitch Website

John Totleben: Artist of the most notorious storyline in the Miracleman series.
Link: John Totleben on Wikipedia

Neil Gaiman: Miracleman writer after Alan Moore’s departure. His storyline was ended abruptly with the collapse of Eclipse Comics.
Link: Official Neil Gaiman Website

Mark Buckingham: Diverse artist who took came on board with Neil Gaiman, and drew every Gaiman written issue of Miracleman.
Link: Mark Buckingham on The Comic Book Database

Dave McKean: Mixed media artist who created all the covers for Neil Gaiman’s “The Golden Age” Miracleman storyline.
Link: Official Dave McKean Website

Barry Windsor-Smith: Artist who drew the covers for the last two published issues of Miracleman.
Link: Official Barry Windsor-Smith Website

…as well as Mick Anglo, the creator of Marvelman & all at L. Miller & Sons. Dez Skinn & everyone at Quality Communications. Cat Yronwoode & everyone at Eclipse Comics. We can’t get everyone’s name in here, so if we missed you, please don’t take it personally.