Book One Chapter 1: 1956

The Miracleman Family fight & defeat Kommandant Garrer of the Science Gestapo with his Atomic Storm Troopers. (In later issues, revealed to be a dream programming by Gargunza).
1ST (in USA): Miracleman Family – Miracleman, Young Miracleman, Kid Miracleman

Book One Chapter 2: 1982 Prologue (A Dream of Flying)

Michael Moran awakes from one of his recurring dreams with a migraine. Out on a freelance reporting gig to cover the opening of a nuclear power plant in Larksmere, armed terrorists take over intending to hijack plutonium to sell to the highest bidder. While this is happening, Mike Moran’s migraine gets worse & through the fugue of it, he sees the reverse side of the word “Atomic” on the glass door which makes him recall his secret word “Kimota”. In a flash of lightning & thunder, he turns into Miracleman & he remembers! The terrorists shocked & stunned, are quickly defeated by MM.

Writers: Alan Moore
Artists: Garry Leach
Date Published: March 1982
Publisher: Quality Publications