Miracleman Triumphant # 1


Miracleman Triumphant #1, entitled “Oracles,” begins where Miracleman #22 leaves off, focusing on the aftermath of the annual Carnival memorializing Kid Miracleman’s slaughter of London in Miracleman #15. The opening pages were to show Miracleman, disguised as an ordinary human, surveying the closing moments of the Carnival, wondering to himself if the changes he has brought to the world were the right ones. While ruminating, he stumbles onto a flier advertising a family of fortune-tellers and, interested in their opinion, seeks them out.

Meanwhile, Miraclewoman is welcoming guests to a party at the home of the Miracle Family, Olympus. She is under the guise of her alter ego, Avril Lear, in order to entertain and converse with Miracleman’s ex-wife, Liz Moran, at the party. Liz believes that she is invited to celebrate the release of her book, Winter’s Tale, a story that makes up a portion of Miracleman #20. Liz soon stumbles upon the true identity of Avril, and lashes out in anger at Miraclewoman, Miracleman’s current lover and companion in remaking the Earth in their image. This confrontation leads to the two being separated by Liz and Miracleman’s child, the ethereal Winter. Miraclewoman admits to inviting Liz out of a desire to befriend her lover’s ex-wife and to involve herwith their menagerie of friends at Olympus. Liz has become reticent of her husband’s work to change the world, and this feeling grows as the guest of honor for the party is revealed, a recently revived and rehabilitated Emil Gargunza. Gargunza kidnapped Liz in Miracleman #4 in the hope of transferring his consciousness into the then-unborn Winter. Liz confronts Miraclewoman for allowing the revival of Gargunza, the former arch-enemy of the Miracle Family, also pointing out that Avril Lear was sexually assaulted by him.

Gargunza, joined by a bevy of Andy Warhol clones, reveals his gift to the partygoers, a flock of Winter clones. The Winter clones fly above the crowd, with the true Winter in their midst, and Gargunza reveals a hidden device that sends Miracledog into a rage, causing him to attack the clones. Amidst the confusion, Gargunza utters the secret word “Lolita,” turning Miraclewoman back into Avril, and bringing to light memories of the horrors she suffered at his hands. Gargunza chokes Avril, but is rescued by Liz. Liz says her goodbye to Winter, who warps her back home to San Francisco.

Miracleman, absent from the party, is told by the fortune-tellers to reach out to North America for answers to his questions about his world-changing initiatives. The fortune-tellers also suggest a companion, Jason Oakey, a child that Miracleman met early in his adventures. Miracleman returns to Olympus with Winter and reminisces about Liz Moran, part of a life and a love now lost, and a desire to visit America.

Writers: Fred Burke
Artists: Mike Deodato Jr. (Pencils) / Jason Minor (Inks)
Date Published: Never
Publisher: Eclipse Comics

Notes: Thanks to Bleeding Cool, Fred Burke, Mike Deodato Jr. & Jason Minor, the entire script and, I believe, all of the unlettered pages are now available for your viewing pleasure.