Miracleman # 1 (Gold)


Book One Chapter 1: 1956

The Miracleman Family fight & defeat Kommandant Garrer of the Science Gestapo with his Atomic Storm Troopers. (In later issues, revealed to be a dream programming by Gargunza).

Book One Chapter 2: 1982 Prologue (A Dream of Flying)

Michael Moran awakes from one of his recurring dreams with a migraine. Out on a freelance reporting gig to cover the opening of a nuclear power plant in Larksmere, armed terrorists take over intending to hijack plutonium to sell to the highest bidder. While this is happening, Mike Moran’s migraine gets worse & through the fugue of it, he sees the reverse side of the word “Atomic” on the glass door which makes him recall his secret word “Kimota”. In a flash of lightning & thunder, he turns into Miracleman & he remembers! The terrorists shocked & stunned, are quickly defeated by MM.

Book One Chapter 3

Mike returns home to Liz as Miracleman. Though initially freaked out by the appearance of this strange being, Liz quickly realises it is her husband. As he recounts to Liz his history & origin, about the Astro Physicist called Guntag Borghelm who bestows him his powers, about Young Miracleman & Kid Miracleman, about their exploits against their foes such as Young Nastyman, Firebug & Dr. Gargunza, his story sounds absurd to Liz.

Book One Chapter 4: “When Johnny Comes Marching Home…”

Mike finds out that Johnny Bates is alive when Johnny calls him up. Together with Liz, Mike goes to meet Johnny at his business HQ. When Mike finds it hard to believe Johnny’s story about how he’d lost his (Johnny’s) powers & survived, Johnny makes his play & it becomes clear that he is still Kid Miracleman.

Writers: Alan Moore
Artists: Gary Leach
Date Published: August 1985
Publisher: Eclipse Comics

Notes: 1st distributed copies of Miracleman # 1. Gold Edition came with a gold certificate & was signed & numbered by Alan Moore.