Miracleman # 8


1st Feature: Opening sequence

In comic form, Cathy Yronwode admits they missed their deadline when the Eclipse offices were hit by a major flood & this issue is filled with reprints & the New Wave preview.

2nd Feature: Miracleman Combats the Electric Terror

A reprint of an old Mick Anglo Miracleman story, Miracleman vs. Austin Amps.

Miracleman pin-up by Chuck Beckum & Al Gordon.

3rd Feature: Miracleman & the Spanish Armada

A reprint of an old Mick Anglo Miracleman story. Miracleman travels back in time to the 16th Century to the Spanish Armada to write a piece for his newspaper.

Miracleman pin-up by Chuck Beckum.

Preview: The New Wave – “Bogged Down”

Writers: Sean Deming, Mick Anglo, Mindy Newell
Artists: Mick Anglo, Chuck Beckum
Date Published: June 1986
Publisher: Eclipse Comics