Miracleman # 6


Chapter 1: “…And Every Dog Its Day!”

Cream & Miracleman arrive at Gargunza’s base to rescue Liz only for Gargunza to easily overcome Miracleman by changing him back to ordinary Mike Moran with an override word, Abraxas. Mike is then introduced to Miracledog as Gargunza’s keyword transforms Pluto.

Chapter 2: All Heads Turn as the Hunt Goes By

Miracledog pursues Mike & Cream and eventually devours Cream.

Young Miracleman

A tale of Dicky Dauntless trying to woo a lady & fails miserably.


3 Miracleman pin-ups by Chuck Beckum.

Writers: Alan Moore
Artists: John Ridgeway, Chuck Beckum, Alan Davis
Date Published: February 1986
Publisher: Eclipse Comics