Miracleman # 5


Chapter 1: The Approaching Light

Gargunza continues to monitor Liz’s pregnancy. Mike & Cream head for Paraguay to rescue Liz where they’ve been informed Gargunza lives.

Chapter 2: “I Heard Woodrow Wilson’s Guns…”

Gargunza reveals his past & origins and how he ended up with the Spookshow. First hint of Miracledog as Gargunza pets his dog Pluto.

Chapter 3: A Little Piece of Heaven

Gargunza relates to Liz the story of finding the alien craft, the fused alien and the start of Zarathustra. Liz is eventually told Gargunza’s intentions for her baby.

Miracleman Family Part II

More about Gargunza’s dream programming in the past & how the Miracleman Family tries to wake up from their programming.

Writers: Alan Moore
Artists: Alan Davis, John Ridgeway
Date Published: January 1986
Publisher: Eclipse Comics