Miracleman # 4


Book Two Chapter 1: Catgames

Mike & Liz struggle in their marriage due to Mike being Miracleman. Johnny continues to mentally struggle with & resist his crazed & homocidal alter-ego, Kid Miracleman. Cream contacts Archer to have the Spookshow leave them alone.

Book Two Chapter 2: One of those Quiet Moments

Mike returns home to find it ransacked & Liz gone, evidently kidnapped.

Book Two Chapter 3: Nightmares

Initially suspecting Spookshow or Johnny for Liz’s kidnapping, with Cream’s help, Mike manages to eliminate them as suspects & track down where Liz might be… the trail leads to Gargunza. Gargunza’s plan for Mike & Liz and in particular, their baby, slowly becomes clear.
1ST (in USA): Emil Gargunza, Gunter

Miracleman Family: The Red King Syndrome

A flashback chapter on one of Gargunza’s mind/dream programming on the Miracleman Family – Miracleman, Young Miracleman & Kid Miracleman.

Writers: Alan Moore
Artists: Alan Davis
Date Published: December 1985
Publisher: Eclipse Comics