Miracleman # 3


Chapter 9: Out of the Dark

Cream had only shot Mike with tranquilizer darts & reveals his reasons for sparing Mike’s life instead of killing him as he was supposed to. Miracleman attacks the Zarathustra Bunker & easily gets past the military defense, then comes up against Big Ben.

Chapter 10: “Inside Story”

Miracleman easily swats aside Big Ben & enters the Zarathustra Bunker.

Chapter 11: ‘Zarathrustra’

What Miracleman learns in the Bunker, makes him go ballistic as he finds out his years of memories, and in essence his whole life, were entire fabrications by Dr. Gargunza implanted in their brains as dream programming in attempts to control the Miracleman Family.

Writers: Alan Moore
Artists: Alan Davis
Date Published: November 1985
Publisher: Eclipse Comics