Miracleman # 2


Book One Chapter 5: Dragons
Kid Miracleman attacks & starts his murderous rampage as he goes after Mike & Liz. A battle royale begins between the 2 supermen.

Book One Chapter 6: Fallen Angels, Forgotten Thunder.
Miracleman & Kid Miracleman continue their battle which brings them to the attention of Project Zarathustra & Sir Dennis Archer. Johnny’s madness & corruption by his power is clear but he reverts to little Johnny Bates (his human body) when he inadvertently calls out “Miracleman”, his magic switch word. With the chance to end Johnny’s life & therefore end the terror of this monster, Miracleman is unable to bring himself to kill Johnny. Johnny becomes vegetative. In the meantime, Sir Dennis Archer has contacted Mr. Cream to clean up the mess.

Book One Chapter 7: ” Secret Identity”
Liz & Mike begin to explore the limits of his powers. Johnny Bates mentally struggles with his alter ego, Kid Miracleman. Mr. Cream investigates the supermen.

Book One Chapter 8: Blue Murder
While leaving his newspaper office, Mike in his human guise, is ambushed by Mr. Cream in the lift.

Writers: Alan Moore
Artists: Garry Leach
Date Published: June 1985
Publisher: Eclipse Comics