Book 2: The Red King Syndrome


With Liz struggling with the fact that Mike is this superhuman being, her marriage with Mike begins to fall apart. Then she is kidnapped & the trail leads Miracleman & Evelyn Cream to Emil Gargunza! They learn of Gargunza’s origins, that he had been secretly monitoring them all the while & eventually, his intentions for Liz’s & Miracleman’s baby – to transfer his own consciousness into their miraclebaby.

After initially being on the defensive from Gargunza & his Miracledog, resulting in Cream’s death, Miracleman manages to defeat & kill Miracledog, Gargunza & Gunter. On their way back to the States, Liz gives birth naturally in the wild.

Writers: Alan Moore
Artists: Chuck Beckum, Alan Davis, Rick Veitch
Date Published: July 1990
Publisher: Eclipse Comics

Notes: Reprints Miracleman Issues 4-7, 9-10.