Covered here are the main comics/magazines relating to the Marvelman/Miracleman revamp by Alan Moore, and later Neil Gaiman. Due to a lack of resources (both time & money), we are not able to go into the original Marvelman, Young Marvelman & Marvelman Family comics of the 50′s and 60′s. According to Alan Moore’s mythos, though, they were just dreams anyway.

Warrior Magazine

The first revamp of Marvelman, written by Alan Moore, was a running strip in England’s WARRIOR Magazine, published by Quality Communications, from 1982 to 1984. Marvelman appeared in 20 issues of the magazine before being interrupted by a potential law suit from Marvel Comics. Issues 25 & 26 reprinted letters between Marvel Comics & WARRIOR.


After WARRIOR stopped running Marvelman, and eventually folded, Marvelman was picked up as it’s own series by Eclipse Comics and exported to the US in 1985 as Miracleman. Initially, the comics reprinted the stories told in WARRIOR, but in color. Alan Moore continued to write until issue 17, when Neil Gaiman took over until it’s abrupt end in 1994.

Miracleman Apocrypha

With the growth in popularity of the Miracleman series, Eclipse decided to put out another Miracleman title that would feature short stories by various writers and artists about the various characters in the Miracleman universe. The stories could be in or outside of the continuity, and thus the mini-series was named “Apocrypha”. It lasted for 3 issues.

Miracleman Trades

During the course of Miracleman’s various runs with Eclipse, Eclipse collected the various comic issues they published into Trade Paper Backs (Trades or TBPs) in both soft & hard covers. These trades collected 90% of the Miracleman mythos, with the exceptions of Miracleman issues 8, 23, 24, and the “Retrieval” sub-story from issues 17-22.

Miracleman Specials

Over the course of Marvelman/Miracleman’s existance, Quality Communications and Eclipse Comics released a total of 3 specials (Quality 1, Eclipse 2). Quality’s special reprinted vintage Marvelman stories from the 50′s with an interwoven story by Alan Moore, and a Big Ben story. The Eclipse specials basically reprinted Quality’s in 3D & 2D, minus the Big Ben story.

Miracleman Family

In 1988, to help appease the Miracleman fans who were waiting forever between issues, Eclipse put out a 2 issue series called Miracleman Family, which comprised of more reprints from the 50′s, but this time in color. The miniseries lasted for 2 issues and did not feature any writing from Alan Moore.

Total Eclipse

Eclipse printed a 5 issue cross over series called Total Eclipse in 1988/1989. The series was meant to be the equivalent to what DC had done with “Crisis”, and pulled characters from all their various series & put them together to fight a common enemy. Miracleman appeared in 4 out of 5 of the issues of the series, which are here.

Miracleman En Español

In 1990, Eclipse licensed out Miracleman to Comics Forum in Spain. The company reprinted the first 17 issues of the US Miracleman run (minus issue 8), but they condensed them to fit in a 12 issue run and translated them into Spanish. Some of the issues were also recolored to Comics Forums personal standards (perhaps an improvement in some cases).

San Diego Comic Convention

In 1985, Eclipse unveiled their new comic property, Miracleman, at the San Diego Comic Convention. To commemorate the unveiling, Eclipse offered 2 slight variations of Miracleman # 1: Blue Edition & Gold Edition. The editions were came with colored certificates & were signed & numbered by some of the minds behind the series.

Eclipse Archive Editions

In 2003, John Totleben, who was the artist for the “Olympus” storyline in the Miracleman series, bought uncirculated stock of various issues of Miracleman from Eclipse. He then had the issues foil stamped in various colors with an unseen drawing he had done of Miracleman and offered them for sale to the general public as “Eclipse Archive Editions”.


When Eclipse folded in 1994, they were working on a new series called Miracleman Triumphant, and in the process of publishing Miracleman Issue XXV. Needless to say, issues these have never seen the light of day in complete form. Also lost was a short story meant for the Apocrypha miniseries. Pages from these lost stories are featured here.

Cameo Appearances

Miracleman has made quite a few appearances in various comic titles over the years. This section collects all the appearances that don’t fit into one of the above categories. Most of these appearances are from fanzines and the like, with a few popping up in titles by major comic companies such as Marvel (unauthorized, slightly askew-ed appearances, of course).