Young Miracleman (Dickie Dauntless)


Dick Dauntless is the orphaned child of deceased Air Force personnel, and like Mike Moran, he was used by The Spookshow as a test subject in Project Zarathustra. In 1954 was given the ability to change places in space and time with a superpowered cellular replicate, Young Miracleman, through the use of the magic word, “Miracleman.” As with Mike Moran/Miracleman, all of Dickie Dauntless/Young Miracleman’s thoughts and memories are shared between the two bodies, while the body occupying infra-space has no conciousness and does not age.

For eight years Dickie Dauntless was put through the same dream tests as Miracleman, and when Project Zarathustra was terminated in 1963, he died in the atomic blast that spared the lives of Miracleman and Kid Miracleman.

30 years later, Miracleman had Mors resurrect Young Miracleman to live again, outside of the Underworld Of Olympus, to join the gods in his rightful place by their side.

Miraclewoman believes Young Miracleman is gay and has a crush on Miracleman. When Miracleman confronts him with a kiss, Young Miracleman punches Miracleman and leaves Olympus.

Real Name: Dick Dauntless
Date Of Birth: ?
Species: Human / Superhuman
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Aliases: Dickie Dauntless, Young Marvelman