The Warpsmiths


Warpsmiths are thought to be one of the two most powerful species in their universe, due to their ability to teleport themselves or others instantaneously anywhere in the universe. The only other entity able to ‘warp’ is Winter, Miracleman’s daughter.

They are humanoid creatures with pale skin, three digits per hand, and four nostrils. They usually wear metallic armor. Warpsmiths are believed to be immortal; they have lived for millennia without any apparent aging. However, at some point in the past their entire species became infertile.

Warpsmith culture has a rigid caste system, with each member’s role in life defined by his or her color:

Black: the first four Warpsmiths
Blue: artists
Grey: diplomats
Red: workers
White: warriors

The Black Warpsmiths arose several thousand years ago. They developed the ‘derma-circuitry’ that allows Warpsmiths to teleport, and created (or birthed) all of the other Warpsmiths. Their interstellar government is called the Confederacy of the Gulf Worlds.

Known Warpsmiths include Aza Chorn (deceased), Phon Mooda, Kana Blur, and Lorna Krill.

Real Name: N/A
Date Of Birth: ?
Species: Warpsmith
Planet Of Origin: Warpworld
Aliases: N/A