The Bateses


The Bateses are a group of people who are devoted to Bates (Johnny Bates / Kid Miracleman). They believe that he came to rid the world of “disease” and was wrongly defeated by Miracleman. Some believe he isn’t dead at all, citing the fact that his dead body has never been displayed publicly. Others believe he’s been imprisoned in stone by the Warpsmiths and is waiting to be freed/escape.

While some followers are devoted to Bates in a religious/cult fashion, others are in it simply for the trendiness/style of it all. Their appearance is similar to, if not an exact clone of, goth culture.

Miracleman and the other gods turn a blind eye to The Bateses and ignore their existence.

Real Name: N/A
Date Of Birth: ?
Species: N/A
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Aliases: “A Bates”