Miracleman (Michael Moran)


Mike Moran’s father flew with the R.A.F. during World War II. When he died, Mike was orphaned and a secret branch of Airforce Intelligence known as The Spookshow used him as a test subject in an experiment termed Project Zarathustra.

In 1954 Mike was given the ability to exchange his place in space and time with a superpowered cellular replicate, Miracleman. The body occupying infra-space has no consciousness and does not age. Though the two bodies are separate, all thoughts and memories are shared through the use of an infra-spacial trigger device, activated by the ‘magic’ word, “Kimota.”

For the next eight years Mike lay dreaming the many adventures of Miracleman, while his responses and reactions were tested by Zarathustra’s mastermind, Professor Gargunza.

In 1963, The Spookshow decided to terminate Project Zarathustra by destroying Miracleman with an atomic bomb. They were only partially successful. Unknown to all, Mike Moran awoke months later, burned, broken and with no memory of having been Miracleman. He managed to place his life back together, becoming a freelance journalist and marrying a woman named Liz. In 1982, while covering a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant, he stumbled accross his magic word and Miracleman was back.

Real Name: Michael Moran
Date Of Birth: September 1939
Species: Human / Superhuman
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Aliases: Marvelman