Kid Miracleman (Johnny Bates)


John Bates is the orphaned child of deceased Air Force personnel, and like Mike Moran, he was used by The Spookshow as a test subject in Project Zarathustra. In 1954 was given the ability to change places in space and time with a superpowered cellular replicate, Kid Miracleman, through the use of the magic word, “Miracleman.” As with Mike Moran/Miracleman, all of Johnny Bates/Kid Miracleman’s thoughts and memories are shared between the two bodies, while the body occupying infra-space has no conciousness and does not age.

For eight years Johnny Bates was put through the same dream tests as Miracleman, and when Project Zarathustra was terminated in 1963, Kid Miracleman also survived. Unlike Mike Moran, he remembered everything, and he decided to retain the powers of Kid Miracleman while assuming the identity of John Bates. For the last 19 years, Kid Miracleman aged and went on to found a large trans-global electronics firm, amassing money and power along the way. When Miracleman returns, Kid Miracleman saw him as a threat to his position and tried to kill him. In the ensuing battle, Kid Miracleman accidentally spoke his magic word, changing him back into 13 year old Johnny Bates.

Hospitalized, Johnny Bates began his mental recovery, fighting Kid Miracleman in his mind every step of the way. Johnny made progress resisting the mental torture of Kid Miracleman, even though he was being picked on by other children at the hospital and could easily say his magic word and beat them all. After being beaten and sodomized, however, he could no longer fight off Kid Miracleman’s mental assault and spoke his magic word, unleashing Kid Miracleman on the children who had been abusing him.

Kid Miracleman went into a frenzied rage and began slaughtering the people of London without mercy; impaling people, skinning victims and hanging their skins from clotheslines, amputating limbs and leaving the victims helpless to die, all in an attempt to gain the attention of Miracleman to finish what he had started.

Miracleman, who was on another planet, returned to Earth to find the destruction left behind by Kid Miracleman. Aided by the Warpsmiths and a Firedrake, Miracleman fought & bested Kid Miracleman, mortally wounding him to a point where he had no choice but to turn back to Johnny Bates. Bates, realizing that he had unleashed Kid Miracleman’s wrath & caused the mass destruction in London, repented to Miracleman for his weakness. Miracleman assured Johnny that he had found a cure for his problems and while comforting him quickly snapped his neck, ending the threat of Kid Miracleman forever.

Real Name: John Bates
Date Of Birth: ?
Species: Human / Superhuman
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Aliases: Johnny Bates, Kid Marvelman, The Bates