Evelyn Cream


Evelyn Cream, an assassin for hire with sapphire teeth, was hired by Sir Dennis Archer of The Spookshow to track down and kill the alter ego of Miracleman. Getting information form a terrorist who was thwarted by Miracleman, Evelyn tracks down Mike Moran and, using the close proximity of an infant to deter Mike from transforming into Miracleman, subdues him with tranquilizer bullets.

Instead of killing Mike or turning him over to The Spookshow, Evelyn tells Mike of the origins of Miracleman from Project Zarathustra and aids him in finding his Wife who has been taken by Professor Gargunza.

Unfortunately, Professor Gargunza was prepared for such an event. Turning Miracleman back to Mike Moran, and turning his puppy into a beast jokingly called “Miracledog”, Gargunza let Evelyn & Mike loose in the wild to run from the beast for their lives. Mike made it out… Evelyn didn’t.

However, Evelyn was later reincarnated by Mors to reside in the Underworld of Olympus forever.

Real Name: Evelyn Cream
Date Of Birth: ?
Species: Human
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Aliases: N/A