Doctor Gargunza


Emil Gargunza was born in 1910 in Vera Cruz, Rio. With an IQ of almost 190, he was running a crime syndicate there by age 14. At age 18, he left Vera Cruz for Europe to study science, genetics in particular.

His advancements caught the attention of the Nazi party, and he joined the Reich in 1934 as a genetics researcher, where he stayed till he defected to England in 1941, realizing that the Axis would never win the war.

The English Airforce Intelligence took him on board as a member of the group The Spookshow. In 1948, he was part of the group that discovered an alien ship that had crashed with a mysterious, deceased being still inside of it. Genetically studying the being, he realized it was two separate beings, one a cellular replicant, and the other the original, learning that it was 1 mind that shared two bodies.

Under Project Zarathustra, he genetically engineered test subjects to see if the alien technology could be applied to human. The project was a success, but the strength of the subjects was so powerful it was feared the damage they would cause if they were to be freed. In 1963, Project Zarathustra was terminated.

Realizing that Mike Moran had survived the termination of Project Zarathustra, Gargunza had him followed in the hopes that he would reproduce and Gargunza could seize the offspring. After the Moran’s conceived their first child, Gargunza had Liz Moran kidnapped. Furious, Miracleman tracked down Gargunza with the aid of Evelyn Cream. Gargunza was prepared for them, however, and Evelyn didn’t make it out with his life. Miracleman, however, did and killed Gargunza, ending his threat.

After the battle with Bates, Miracleman had Mors resurrect Gargunza to live in the Underworld of Olympus in virtual solitude, but Gargunza was just too smart & too sinister to be kept imprisoned as a pet. Mors tried implanting memories and emotions into Gargunza, but each attempt was a failure. Mors was, however, determined to one day get it right and create a Gargunza who’s unique mind could be used for the greater good.

Real Name: Dr. Emil Gargunza
Date Of Birth: ?
Species: Human
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Aliases: Professor Gargunza