Aza Chorn


Aza Chorn is the white Warpsmith who gave his life to save Earth from certain destruction at the hands of Johnny Bates. He figured out that Bates’ weakness would be to warp objects inside of his forcefield, as opposed to warping Bates himself into various things.

Aza Chorn struck Bates in the head first, inserting a piece of rubble into the front, right hand side of his face. Bates, hurt but still ready for battle, fired off his heat vision, striking Aza Chorn mortally. In Aza’s last moments, he was able to pull off the sigil needed to warp a large iron beam through Bates’ chest, forcing Bates to speak his key harmonic and turn back to a child.

Real Name: Aza Chorn
Date Of Birth: ?
Species: White Warpsmith
Planet Of Origin: Warpworld
Aliases: N/A