Andy Warhol


An android with the resurrected conciousness of Andy Warhol created by Mors. Andy loved the concept so much that he requested that he be mass produced, a request that Mors complied with. It is unsure how many Andy Warhol androids there are, but there are at least 18. Also, Mors likes to call Andy “Andek”.

Andy was chosen by Mors to befriend the resurrected android of Dr. Gargunza. Gargunza didn’t take to him very much, and in the end chose to be shut down than spend eternity in virtual isolation with Andy.

Although being confined to the Underworld of Olympus, Andy is very active in the art world above ground, and continues to produce his signature art for the masses.

Real Name: Andek Warhol
Date Of Birth: 1989 (as an Android)
Species: Human / Android
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Aliases: Andek, Andy Warhol